specializes in 100% financing strategy and "Coaching Private Money to Lend". 100% Financing Strategy can be accomplished by 55% LTV and 45% seller carry.

Get your property under contract as structured above. 

The following are the terms and guidelines:

• Contract is required!
• Terms are 6 to 18 months
• Up to 8 Points
• Interest rate is 15% (interest only)
• Fund nationwide except for AZ, CA, RI, SD, ND, NY, NJ, and NV.
• Commercial funding only for OR, ID, UT, MN, and MI.
• Non-owner occupied single family
• All Commercial properties except for land and mobile homes
• 55% LTV on commercial
• 65% LTV on non-owner occupied SFR
• Show you can service the loan
• Show a good exit strategy
• No upfront fees
• Refinance has same guidelines

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