100% Financing

PrivateMoneyBanks.com specializes in 100% financing strategy and “Coaching Private Money to Lend”.

PrivateMoneyBanks.com 100% Financing Strategy can be accomplished by 55% LTV and 45% seller carry.

Get your property under contract as structured above.

The following are the terms and guidelines:

• Contract is required!
• Terms are 6 to 18 months
• Up to 8 Points
• Interest rate is 15% (interest only)
• Fund nationwide except for AZ, CA, RI, SD, ND, NY, NJ, and NV.
• Commercial funding only for OR, ID, UT, MN, and MI.
• Non-owner occupied single family
• All Commercial properties except for land and mobile homes
• 55% LTV on commercial
• 65% LTV on non-owner occupied SFR
• Show you can service the loan
• Show a good exit strategy
• No upfront fees
• Refinance is 50% LTV

Contact us for a free consultation at 1-866-565-4404 or funding@privatemoneybanks.com!


6 thoughts on “100% Financing

      1. am looking for funds/Loan for Kigesera Farm Project.

        have started this project last, started with 3 three piglets of South African pigs

        2 female and 1 male since 2014 febuary now i have 18 piglets but in the stuations of piglets food,constructions,Verxins to feed them well need to get Funds/Loan to achieve my goals.

  1. My question concerns credit and fees.. When are points and interest due? Is this collected at the end of the term or monthly? Also will my personal credit be a factor used to determine my qualification?

    1. The points are due at closing. We do not charge anything upfront. However, if you agree on the “Letter of Intent” (LOI) to proceed with the funding, you will required to pay for a third party appraisal. You will deal with the appraisers outside of closing. In terms of your personal credit, it will only be a factor if your exit strategy is to refinance the property. Thank you.

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